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Communicating in 17 syllables when life's a challenge

Send the uncommon cards for people facing cancer or catastrophe.

Greeting cards that give you words of sympathy and support as you navigate life's dizzy sweep. Ideal for cancer or other grave illness, loss of a loved one, failure, family disaster and many of life's traumatic changes.

Most people don't know what to say to someone coping with cancer or a terrible tragedy.

So sudden, life has changed.You can put it into words with Haikus for Healing.

Haikus for Healing came into being when Atlanta writer Georgia Dzurica felt there was no appropriate card for a friend diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. She had an unrelated tumor in each breast; she had literally been struck twice by lightning, simultaneously. And she had scheduled mammograms faithfully.

Georgia decided to pen some simple, direct expressions of support—some humorous–that she knew would appeal to her friend's fighting spirit and sense of humor. All were in the form of a haiku—Japanese verse in 17 syllables. The following year, another of her friends was diagnosed with breast cancer, too. She had followed her doctor's advice to skip her mammogram one year.
They both coped bravely with treatment, never lost hope, went through recovery and are now numbered among 23 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S. Georgia’s mother, on the other hand, was diagnosed with breast cancer at an advanced age after concealing it for a long time, then refused all treatment but mastectomy, and died of the disease in her 90s.

You can offer encouragement and inspiration with a greeting card.

People often use the metaphor of a journey to describe the diagnosis of cancer, chemotherapy and/or radiation. Those who receive the diagnosis insist that they're not brave— they're just going ahead with whatever they can do or whatever can be done to make them well again. They're looking forward to recovery.

Something as simple as a greeting card can express your support … your willingness to help … your hope and love. After that, you'll make a phone call and find a way to do something—run an errand, make a casserole, offer a ride, say a prayer.

Haikus for Healing just wants to help you get started letting someone know you care.

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